Want to Help Customers Maximize System Efficiency, Comfort and Convenience
with the Ion System Control?

Use Our Video Resource Center to
Unleash the Benefits of the Ion
 System Control

Did you know there are 30 videos on My Learning Center that demonstrate the various features and benefits of the Ion System Control? Not quite sure how to designate room names for a zoned system using the Ion System Control? There's a video that can help. Interested in showing a customer how to easily manage daily or weekly comfort schedules on their Ion System Control? There's a video you can share with them. 

Today, let's talk more about the Ion System Control library, how to access it, the videos available, and how you can use this resource to unleash the benefits of the Ion System Control for your customers. 

How Do I Access the Ion System Control Video Library? 
The videos have been uploaded to My Learning Center for easy access: 

  1. Select the Secure Dealer Login tab on GoAirquest.com.
  2. Type your dealer phone number and password.
  3. Then, click on the My Learning Center tab. It's the fourth tab from the left on the top bar of the site. 
  4. When the Home page for My Learning Center pops up, select the Videos button on the lower left side of the screen or the Video Catalog button on the lower right side of the screen. Success! You've reached the video resource center. 

Select the Videos or Video Catalog Button to Access the Video Library

Click here for additional instructions on accessing My Learning Center. 

What Videos are Available? 
Now that you've located the Ion System Control video resource center, let's check out the videos available. There are 30 videos specific to the Ion System Control covering the following topics: 

The Ion System Control Resource Center
Includes Videos on 30 Different Topics to Assist You and Your Customers

How Can I Use the Videos to Help My Customers Realize the Benefits of the Ion System Control? 
Want to use these videos to assist your customers? Absolutely! Download the Ion System Control videos that cover the topics your customers have questions on and watch those videos together on your smart device. Then, reinforce the concepts in person and teach them the same steps on their Ion System Control. It's that easy.

Maybe your customers are asking how to adjust the fan speed and humidity level of their complete Ion Communicating System®1. The Ion System Control provides more programmable comfort features than most thermostats.

Here are a few benefits of the Ion System Control that are demonstrated in the Adjusting Fan Speed and Humidity Video and the Comfort Profiles: Home Humidity Control Video: 

We encourage you to download the videos on Adjusting Fan Speed and Humidity and Comfort Profiles: Home Humidity Control. Share them with your customers to help demonstrate the benefits of the Ion System Control and the complete Ion Communicating System. In addition to utilizing the video resource center, keep in mind these other sales tools: 

Start using the Ion System Control video library on My Learning Center today. There are helpful videos on 30 different topics that you and your team can view to learn more on the Ion System Control. Share videos with customers on your smart device to unleash the benefits of the Ion System Control. 

Only select ICP brand communicating, modulating variable-speed furnaces, ICP communicating, variable-speed fan coils, and ICP geothermal packaged units (when available) are compatible indoor units that work with the Ion Zoning System; see the Ion System Control Product Data Sheet for more details.